Creature of Habit – My Daily Routine

A daily routine starts off my day right and helps me unwind at night. As creatures of habits, routines provide structure and build momentum towards a productive day.

My Daily Routine

6PM – 10PM | It starts the night before…
At the end of each the day, I’ve adopted writing my tasks for the next day on a sticky note. I will write down my tasks for the day, so that when I look at the list in the morning I know what I need to focus on.

My evening routine consists of catching up on my favorite shows on Netflix while having dinner. After dinner, I will clean the dishes and then take a shower. My goal is to be in bed by 10PM each night. At 9PM, I’d start winding down by shutting down all electronics and set my clothes out and make sure I have everything for the next day.

7:00AM | A new day
In the morning I’m up at 7AM. I’d walk to the kitchen, drink a cup of water. Put on some warm clothes. Pull my phone off the charger. Go to the couch and read for 30 mins. I have alarms setup to ring every 15 minutes in case I fell asleep while reading…

After reading, I’d eat breakfast, wash up, turn airplane mode off my phone and check how much sleep I got on Fitbit. Next, I’d put on my gym clothes and head over to the gym.

9:00AM | Workout
At the gym, I would follow my workout routine that I’d planned out during the weekend. Typically I’d spend about 1hr-1.5hrs at the gym. I’ll alternate between a lower body day and a upper body day.

On rest days, I’ve been incorporate stretching in order to prevent injuries and faster recovery. Saturdays, I’d work on cardio by going for a swim.

10:30AM | Work work work…
In a previous post, I talked about how going to the gym helps me feel relaxed and calm. When I come back from the gym, I’ll have a quick snack (a.k.a. “Breakfast 2“) and begin tackling my important tasks that I’ve listed on my sticky note.

1:30PM – 5:00PM | Progress check
After lunch, I’ll take a look at the progress that I’ve made on my list, check off the ones I’ve accomplished and move onto the next task until the end of the workday. Since I started blogging regularly, I’ve scheduled 1-2 hours each day for that time.

Around 5PM, I’d start wrapping up my projects and tasks for the day. Again, write my tasks on a new sticky note and repeat the whole cycle for the next day.

My weekends are less structured. I try to maintain the same sleep schedule and wake up time, in order to keep my circadian rhythm in check. During the day, I’ll usually run errands and do choirs around the house. I’ll also spend some time planning out the upcoming week. For the remainder of the weekend, I’ll relax at home, or do some exploring locally.

Share Your Daily Routine

I’ve slowly made incremental improvements to my routine over time. When things don’t go as planned it gives me a chance to learn from my mistakes and to adjust my actions.

What does your daily routine look like? And how has your daily routine helped you with your focus and productivity?

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