Thoughts on Yunmai App

Nutrition apps are great at estimating what you eat. Adding a scale into the equation, allows you to see the results of your progress.

When I moved, I didn’t get a chance to bring my scale along. I was wondering if I should purchase another Aria scale or look at other scales out there. After looking at reviews on Amazon and doing some research, the Yunmai scale was a popular alternative.

First Impressions

The presentation of the packaging looked nice. The only difficulty was actually trying to take the scale out of the box… Once the scale was out, the instructions for setup was pretty straight forward.

The App

The Yunmai app had really interesting UI elements. Stepping on the scale showed real-time readings and generated a report of your weight.


Health Report

Most smart scales typically provide information on your weight, BMI, and body fat. Yunmai goes a step further by providing information for different body components such as: Muscles Mass, Water, Protein, Visceral Fat, Bone Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and your Fitness Age.

What intrigued me most was my Fitness age. At my current weight I am older by two years… For that reason alone, it got me motivated to lose weight to see if the results would change. I take the readings with a grain of salt as I am a bit skeptical of the accuracy on some features. These are good reference points to help you reach your fitness goals.

Goal Setting

The app provides guidelines for your ideal weight given your height. As you set up your target goal, the app shows you prompts on how achievable that goal is.


Bluetooth and location syncing can be buggy at times. It sometimes takes forever to sync, or can’t locate the scale even when I am standing right in front of it… I’ve managed to fix this issue by closing and relaunching the app. This can definitely be bothersome at times when I’m trying to get an immediate brief report. Luckily, the scale can store up to 1000 data sets, so I can always get the information later.


I enjoy the 3rd party integration to my Fitbit. I am able to receive the same data that I got on the Aria scale. The Fitbit app allows me to look at the history of my weight. While the Yunmai app only shows short term changes in weight and doesn’t really provide the bigger picture.


Overall, the scale and app has provided valuable insights and has met my needs. If you like having fun features, I think Yunmai is great smart scale for that. However, if are the type of person who doesn’t like having multiple apps, this may not be for you.

Talking about weight can be a tricky subject. Stepping on a scale and seeing no results can be a bummer. Sometimes it just takes time before the body responds. Stay consistent and the results will follow.

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson

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