Thoughts on Fitbit App

As I explained in my post, Taking Care of Yourself, staying active is an important aspect of my life. If you want to achieve your goals, you need to track progress. This past year, I’ve gained a lot of valuable insights into my daily habits with the use of my Fitbit Alta.

The Fitbit app measures a variety of activity metrics such as number of steps, quality of sleep, and food log. With friends and family that have Fitbit trackers, you can motivate each other by creating activity challenges. The new addition of the Fitbit community allows you to engage with other Fitbit members and share your journey towards healthier lifestyle.

fitbit screen

Daily Activities

The feature I enjoy most is tracking my sleep quality. I like how it automatically knows when I’ve fallen asleep and when I’ve woken up. In the past, I had poor sleep habits. The amount of sleep I got would ultimately impact my productivity for the day. Through the app I learned, during stressful weeks I would average less than 6 hours of rest. While my productive weeks, showed that I consistently averaged 8 hours of rest. By recognizing these patterns, I slowly started to make changes towards my sleeping routine in order to get optimal rest.

During work, the hourly step notification feature comes in handy. My Alta would vibrate to remind me to move around the office if I have been stationary for a long period of time. Although, these nudges are helpful I haven’t quite built a habit for it yet.

When I purchased the Aria, I began tracking my weight and became more aware of what I was eating. I’ve been using other calorie tracker apps to log my daily food intake. However, more recently I’ve started trying out Fitbit’s food logger. I was fascinated with how they were able to calculate my BMI automatically. One improvement for the feature would be to allow for more customization for your goals. Currently they only allow the options to gain weight or to lose weight. An option to maintain weight would be helpful.


The Fitbit app for first timers can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of features that track a variety of activity metrics. What helps is by focusing on one attribute that you want to change and setting up your goal around that one feature. For me, I wanted to sleep better, so I focused my attention tracking my sleep habits. As I slowly became more consistent with bed time, I started to focus on my weight and nutrition.

Changing a habit or developing new habits takes a lot of patience. Measuring your progress will allow you to achieve your goals.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison

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