Thoughts on Lifesum App

In my post, Taking Care of Yourself, I talk about the importance of exercise. In order to have effective workouts, proper nutrition plays a key role towards a healthy lifestyle.

The Lifesum app has allowed me to learn more about my daily eating habits and get a breakdown of my macronutrients. I had the ability to modify my calorie intake and to set my target goals. I was truly impressed by the amazing UI, making the experience of tracking my calories much more delightful.


What I’ve Learned

Over the course of using Lifesum for a few weeks, I gained a better understanding of the different components that make up my meals.

The apps helps you track the three primary macronutrients:

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Carbs

Through research, I had a rough estimate of my caloric intake. My goal was to maintain weight, while building muscle mass and losing fat.

From the first few days, I learned I was hitting my daily calories but not in the right compositions. I noticed that I reached my carb intake in my first two meals, while falling behind on my protein intake.

With this knowledge, I began adjusting my meals to incorporate more protein into my diet while consuming less carbs during dinner.

Final Thoughts

Lifesum has been really helpful in educating me on what I need to change in my diet to meet my goals. One challenge I still face is to consistently log my calories into the app everyday…

For me, learning to eat healthy is still a work in progress. I realize I go off the rails when life gets hectic and willpower is low. It is important to be aware of my diet and to make a conscious effort in choosing healthier alternatives. I have been able to slowly build good eating habits by staying on track with my goals.

As I continue to use the app, it enables me to make healthier decisions. Each step forward helps me get closer to my fitness goals.

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